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Fresh fruit from all over the world

From avocados to mangoes. FruitPro B.V. daily, from different countries, markets fresh fruit for the European market. 
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Welcome to FruitPro B.V.

FruitPro B.V. was founded in 2017 to market fresh fruit from various countries from the Netherlands.

As part of Galilee Export, a growers' organization that manages more than 9,000 hectares of cultivation, FruitPro B.V. an important link in a transparent and sustainable chain from grower to consumer.

As a recognized partner, we offer continuity in quality and service of the highest level.

Own brand: Favor

FruitPro B.V. uses its own brand range of ready-to-eat products. The Favor range consists of avocados and mangoes.

All our products are carefully composed by our experts from all over the world. To guarantee quality, FruitPro B.V. exclusively together with producers where quality comes first.

This way we can offer fresh and juicy products every day. Excellent taste and full of vitamins.

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