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Producers, professionals & proactive

It starts with our growers. They allow us to market our products. Together we are motivated to produce and supply healthy products with high quality standards. 

We work together on quality and continuity. That is why we are in close contact with our growers, from there we continuously work on improving our processes. This benefits taste, cultivation and sustainability, among other things. FruitPro B.V. works mainly with growers from Israel.

Galilee Export

FruitPro B.V. is part of Galilee Export. A growers' organization that manages more than 9,000 hectares of cultivation. We are an important link in a transparent and sustainable chain from grower to consumer.

Core values

Based on this collaboration and our vision on cooperation with growers in general, we have formulated our three core values: Producers, Professionals and Proactive.


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